The Pacvac Velo is a compact and lightweight commercial backpack vacuum cleaner with superior power and suction.

Superpro battery 700 advanced

An advanced battery-powered design with strong suction, delivering superior manoeuvrability and efficiency.

Superpro 700

Pacvac's most popular backpack vacuum, used widely for all-purpose cleaning in a variety of environments.

Superpro micron 700

Boasts HEPA rated high grade filtration that traps 99.999% of fine dust particles in its sealable disposable dust bag for cleaner air.

Superpro duo 700

Features a specialised by-pass motor which delivers additional motor protection for occasions where accidental suction of liquid may occur.

Superpro wispa 700

An ultra-lightweight, quiet machine, designed to give users the option of reducing noise and energy use.

Thrift 650

An ultra-lightweight machine, encompassing entry level accessories to suit the cost-conscious buyer.